As a Full Stack Engineer with over a decade of experience in engineering, design and marketing, I'm dedicated to building products that are led by ethics first and have open transparency standards.

This ensures that everyone has thoughtfully designed products that are functional and enjoyable experiences regardless of whether it's being used for business or personal use.

But most importantly, each project or venture should be driven by social impact. Every product must be able to make meaningful changes to communities, people and businesses.

We must help smaller independent companies that don't have the resources to develop and maintain their own modern API-first platforms and solutions, allowing them to compete in fast-changing regional and global economies.

My approach is to create scalable products through Hoosei – my new studio, after taking some time away from venture development, where I've been working as the Sr. Full-stack Engineer at one of my family businesses' brands (Forbes Professional).

This time in the business has allowed me to find fresh ideas, new challenges and opportunities for the products to develop, and through my love for photography too.

One of the challenges I find is where we have the desire to sprinkle Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our products, where many people don't consider the impacts or ethical issues or whether it is even required for the problem at hand.

⁠⁠I believe in designing and solving problems with human understanding in mind. With this ethos comes human-centred design – ensuring all users get the same loveable experience while remaining functional.

But more than anything else, I'm focused on making sure every decision can lead to real change through the power of helping others – which is why social impact is always kept at the heart of everything we do. Through my mission, I'm confident this will lead us towards a better tomorrow for everyone!